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Best POP up extension for Magento 2

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After two years of using pop up and widgets, I’ve realized there is a lack of some basic pop functions we needed
(like the way pop up will appear on a page, automatically closing after x seconds, Stop further popups by priority, popup slide up on click etc.) .

So we tried to find a Magento2 extension for the big extensions developers – all has a basic pop up extension they all have the following basic functions :
1) Targeting options
2) Customization options to adjust the look & feel of popup
3) Newsletter subscription
4) Performance stats to track the each popup

however, they didn’t suggest ant ready high professional already made with well-designed popups as we found on pop extensions.

Magento 2 popup extension with great designed templates

Magento 2 popup extension with great designed templates

Furthermore, we didn’t find and advanced pop-up display options like Popup slide up on click and other display

So we took that extension to a deeper test drive on our test store.
the installation took less than half hour – it all worked smoothly.

We tried to make our first pop up.
First visit on popup templates (that is included on extension ) we all were amazed by the quantity and super designed banners.

As we also use Slider Revolution Magento2 banner extension we were queries if we could combine them both and display great interactive banners on pop up extension.

add and cms block available on Magento2 into your banner in seconds So we did that test – design the banner then embedded it on cms clock. then we just copied that block cms into the pop up extension.
We all were amazed for the great results

To sum up: MageBird extension offering a lot of functions that we couldn’t find on other extensions.
while the categories and product pages help our clients find the right product the popup extension doing all the ‘seducing’ and let the clients feel confident and let him know he is, definitely in the right place – well done!
Try that pop up extension for free here.


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